Our Job Starts With Protecting Your Assets…

CLEAN DROP SHEETS… At Your Local Handyman Inc, we have this signature thing that we do… Before bringing any tools into your home, we put down a freshly laundered drop sheet in the appropriate work location, and place our tools on top of it, instead of on your floor, or on top of other delicate surfaces. Between projects, we launder our drop sheets so that we’re not transferring dust, etc. to the next customer’s home. Even on longer projects at the same location, we swap out the drop sheets for fresh ones on a weekly basis.

CONSIDER THIS… If a contractor’s drop sheets come into your house rolled up in a ball, or if you see the crew shaking them out on your front lawn, doesn’t it make you wonder where these sheets have been?

PROTECTING VALUABLES… We make a reasonable attempt to minimize the mess that could be made by using poly sheeting to cover things in our work area that we feel might get dusty while we work. In some cases, we also make use of vapour barrier booths that have zippered doors, and dust extraction on wall sanding equipment. It is almost impossible to prevent all of the dust from projects, but we can prevent in the range of 90%+ by using these simple yet effective methods.

HELPFUL TIP… When you have workers in your home and you anticipate a mess being made, if you have forced air heat or an A/C unit running, it is best to turn it off until after any messes have been cleaned up. Otherwise, dust will find its way into your cold air returns, and subsequently get distributed throughout your home. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

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