You or someone you know might be a perfect fit as a Brand Partner of Your Local Handyman Inc. As a Brand Partner you would conduct your business under your own company name, but look to us for guidance and support as you grow your business. You would be a Brand Licensee, and not a franchisee. License agreements are far less restrictive and very cost-effective. In our experience, tradespeople want less restriction, fewer rules, and to become more profitable. We want you to have autonomy over your business making decisions. We will provide you with the key elements to enable you to become more successful as you grow your business.

Typically, here’s what we look for in a Brand Partner: (1) A person who is experienced in the trades, who already has a business, or wants to start one. For the core trades, we look for those who have Journeymen qualifications. (2) A business person or professional who wants to diversify their business portfolio. (3) A semi-retired person or someone who has a career which affords them substantial time off, and wants to develop an additional revenue stream.

As an authorized Brand Partner, you would have limited use of our company branding and trademark, but abundant access to our business systems, marketing support, and general business advice. One area we emphasize is getting that phone to ring! As you conduct your business in a designated trade area(s), we will introduce you to opportunities, vertical markets, and guide you with sound advice – based on our experience. You’ll also benefit from the business sharing synergy that occurs between tradespeople who have different areas of expertise.

If you feed a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.”

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