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A Round Tuit is a fun name for our prepaid service, but it is also linked to this saying:

I’ll do that... when I get "around to it". Sound familiar?

You can choose the amount of your Round Tuit, and it can be used by yourself, or it can be gifted to a loved one, a neighbour, a friend, a customer, your church or favourite charity, a non-profit organization, etc.

The value of your Round Tuit can be applied towards home improvement projects, home repairs, installation services, prepping your home for sale, or putting personal touches on a new home. It can be used towards any of the products that we have in our eStore, or services we offer such as project consulting services, DIY training, telephone or live video support.

At present, we can physically service Prince George BC and surrounding areas, but we can also teach you some home repair or home improvement techniques wherever you are located - via telephone or live video. Otherwise, to determine if we have a technician in your area, send us an email prior to purchasing your Round Tuit.

Important Notes:

1. Within minutes of completing your order, you'll receive your purchase confirmation via email from notifications@ecwid.com. They provide the eCommerce platform we use, otherwise they are not connected with our company. If you haven't received an email within 30 minutes, check your junk mail folder to see if it is there. If you still haven't received anything, contact service@yourlocalhandyman.com and we'll forward a copy to you within the next business day.

2. Once you've received your order via email, it will have a unique Order code. Keep this private as it serves as the passcode of your Round Tuit service.

3. You will notice that you were not charged tax at the time of purchase. This is normal. Tax will be added at the time the service is rendered.

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