These Tiny Cook Stoves are Ideal for Boats, RV’s, Cabins, Sheds, and even Shipping Containers!

Here’s Our Story:

In 2019, we had the opportunity to install this small eco-friendly stove for a lady who’s passion was to simplify her life, reduce living expenses, and have the option to live off-grid in her RV. She purchased the stove you see on this page. The “Grizzly”, as it is affectionately named, measures just 11″ x 12″ x 10.5″ and produces up to 14000 BTU’s. There’s even a smaller one called the “Cub” that pushes out up to 6000 BTU’s.

Our initial impression was that it is made of good quality materials. The inside of the stove is lined with fire brick, the vent pipe has a double wall construction, and the roof flange options impressed us. The Grizzly produces a dryer form of heat that is continuous. This is far better than electric, which is on/off on/off as determined by a thermostat, or propane, which is humid, which can leave moisture on the inside of your windows. The difference in heat quality is truly noticeable within 1 hour. Further… there’s a return on investment as wood fuel is cheap and readily available! ‘Bacon n Eggs’ cooked on a tiny wood stove… sign me up!

We decided to align ourselves with the manufacturer, Cubic Mini Wood Stoves, located right here in Canada. You can browse their site and order YOUR stove by clicking on the link below. If you are in an area we service, we can install your stove for you. If you live too far away, you can hire us to walk you through the entire process of getting your stove set up. It’s that easy!

Grizzly Stove – Black
Grizzly Stove – Brass.
Warmth for Small Spaces.
Fire Starter / Kindling.